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  • CNN Reports Black Voters Running Away From Democrats: “A Huge Drop”
    Electoral conditions are getting so bad for the Democrat Party that on Monday morning, CNN’s New Day was forced to report on a new poll that shows African American voters are souring on the Democrat Party. While the party still wins a majority of black voters, the percentage that Republicans are projected to win is […]
  • Democrat Congressional Candidate Celebrates Abortion as She Gives Birth to Her Son
    A Louisiana Democrat candidate attracted a lot of attention this week with a new ad that shows her going into labor and talking about the value of her unborn son while advocating for abortion on demand. The ad comes from the campaign of Katie Darling, a business executive who is challenging U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise, […]
  • Wisconsin Republicans Take Just 16 Seconds to Reject Tony Evers’ Demand to Legalize Abortion
    Wisconsin Republicans needed just 16 seconds to adjourn the special session of the state legislature that Democrat Governor Ton Evers’ called to legalize abortion. Last month, Evers signed an executive order calling for a special session to repeal the state’s abortion ban protecting babies from abortions. Wisconsin is one of 15 states currently protecting babies […]
  • Des Moines, Iowa City Council Rejects Measure Promoting Abortions
    The City Council of Des Moines, Iowa rejected a proposal Monday that called for using tax dollars to pay for women to travel out of state for elective abortions. WHO 13 reports Councilman Josh Mandelbaum introduced the resolution to begin discussion on a series of pro-abortion actions that the council could take. However, the council rejected […]
  • Joe Biden Compares Abortion to God and Banning Abortion to Satan
    Joe Biden invoked God’s name Sunday in a bizarre tweet promoting Democrats’ plans to expand the killing of unborn babies in abortions. The president mentioned both “the Almighty” and “the alternative,” presumably Satan, in the message, but the wording was confusing. “My dad used to say, ‘Joey, don’t compare me to the Almighty. Compare me […]