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  • Navigating Mother’s Day After Abortion: Millions of Women are Suffering Grief
    Licensed mental health therapist and Support After Abortion CEO Lisa Rowe says people – families, church leaders, and others – need to have awareness of women who have experienced reproductive loss and show compassion on Mother’s Day. “My overall message to women on Mother’s Day who have experienced reproductive loss – miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion, adoption, loss of […]
  • Kansas Gov Laura Kelly Vetoes Funding for Pregnancy Centers That Help Women, Babies
    For the second time in two months, pro-abortion Kansas Gov Laura Kelly has vetoed funding for pregnancy centers that provide abortion alternatives and help and support for pregnant women and their babies. In April, Kelly line-item vetoed the proposed “Alternatives to Abortion Program,” allocating $2 million in grants to enhance and increase resources for women […]
  • Lawsuit Challenging California Assisted Suicide Law Could Have National Implications
    On April 25, 2023, a case challenging California’s assisted suicide law (California’s End of Life Option Act) was filed, and could have nationwide implications if successful. The new case in California is claiming that the state’s assisted suicide law is discriminatory in that it creates a two-tiered medical system in which people who are suicidal […]
  • They Told This Teen Mom to Have an Abortion So She Could “Go Out and Party.” But She Refused
    Teenage mom Breanna Barrs slammed critics recently for urging her to abort her children so she could “go out and party.” Barrs, who is popular on the social media site TikTok, said she has no regrets about choosing life for her two young children, and her life has been a “beautiful journey” thus far, The Sun […]
  • Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs Strips Money Away From Homeless Pregnant Women and Their Babies
    With a budget totaling nearly $18 billion, Governor Hobbs couldn’t find a tiny fraction for homeless pregnant women and their babies. For the past six years, the Arizona Legislature has set aside a little money to help expectant mothers on the street find a home, stability, and make a fresh start for themselves and their […]