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  • Thousands of Pro-Life People Stand Against Abortion at Illinois March for Life
    Thousands of pro-life advocates gathered at the Illinois State Capitol Building on Tuesday, March 21, 2023, for the Illinois March for Life. Civic and religious leaders spoke to crowd at the Lincoln Statue, several echoing the words of the Great Emancipator as they appealed to Illinois legislators to protect the women and children being preyed […]
  • Here’s Why Abortion Activists Want to Conflate Abortion and Miscarriage
    I was eight weeks along with my second pregnancy when I started spotting. The doctor explained I was experiencing a “threatened miscarriage” and that I needed to stay off my feet. After arranging help with my busy one-year-old so I could obey the bed rest instructions for a few days, the miscarriage was no longer […]
  • Lauren Boebert Slams Abortion: Endangered Species Get More Protection Than Unborn Babies
    Congresswoman Lauren Boebert displayed the shocking images of five late-term aborted babies Thursday during a U.S. House hearing, questioning why unborn babies have fewer legal protections than endangered species. Boebert, a pro-life Republican from Colorado, brought up abortion during a House Water, Wildlife and Fisheries Subcommittee hearing, according to Salon. The photos she showed appear to be the […]
  • Oregon Kills a Record Number of People in Assisted Suicides
    Data from the state of Oregon in the United States has revealed more people ended their lives by assisted suicide and euthanasia in 2022 than in any other year. The latest annual assisted suicide report ‘Oregon Death with Dignity Act: 2022 Data Summary’ released earlier this month has revealed a total of 278 people ended […]
  • Canada Wants to Allow Doctors to Euthanize Children
    James Reinl, the social affairs correspondent for the Daily Mail published an exposé on March 19, 2023 concerning the possible expansion of euthanasia to children in Canada. Reinl writes: When Canada changed its laws in 2016 to permit euthanasia, voters were assured the lethal injections would only be available for seriously ill adults who needed […]