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  • Filibuster not a 'faith' issue, says pastor
    A Southern Baptist pastor in Texas says the call by a group of "progressive" religious leaders to do away with the filibuster rule in the U.S. Senate is off the mark and ignores the fact that the rule is designed to allow those in minority to have a say.
  • Mayor-elect vows to fight everything but crime in crime-ridden city
    A resident of St. Louis, where the population is shrinking but violent crime is growing, predicts the city will only become more dangerous when a controversial mayor-elect officially takes office later this month.
  • Party's 'superior' values to be hushed no more
    A pioneer in the conservative movement says conservatives and Republicans must reverse the decades-old problem of losing the popular vote during presidential elections.
  • Abortuary deaths in AL, NY spark a call for change
    A prominent pro-life group argues there's a serious need for reform within the abortion industry, citing as examples some questionable activities at abortion facilities – and by abortionists themselves – in a couple of states.
  • DHS boss hints admin may close 'gaps' on border
    Faced with a record-breaking surge of illegal aliens that are overwhelming the southern border, the Biden administration might “plug” gaps in the miles of border fence in an attempt to slow the flood of illegals and drug smugglers.

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  • New Mexico Gov Michelle Grisham Signs Bill to Legalize Killing People in Assisted Suicides
    Another piece of anti-life legislation permitting the killing of innocent human beings is now law in New Mexico. On Thursday, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed a law to legalize assisted suicide, the Santa Fe New Mexican reports. Barely two months ago, she also signed a pro-abortion law that will keep abortions up to birth legal for years to come and could […]
  • Pennsylvania Finally Agrees to Remove Dead People From the State Voter List
    Pennsylvania, one of the top battlegrounds of the 2020 election, has agreed to remove the names of about 21,000 dead people from voter registration rolls before the general elections this year. The agreement was reached last week, according to the Public Interest Legal Foundation, an election-integrity watchdog group that first identified the names of 21,000 […]
  • Premature Twins Given 50% Chance of Surviving are Now Healthy and Happy
    Premature twins Billie and Bonnie, from Scotland, were born four months premature and were given only a 50/50 chance of survival. Nineteen months later, they are happy and healthy toddlers. Mother Loren Lyon, from Falkirk, was unable to hold her precious twins until many weeks after their births. Billie and Bonnie arrived four months early […]
  • Judge Permanently Bans David Daleiden From Releasing More Videos Exposing Planned Parenthood
    As expected, a federal judge who has ties to Planned Parenthood permanently blocked undercover journalist David Daleiden this week from releasing additional videos that Daleiden says show evidence of infanticide in the abortion industry. U.S. District Judge William Orrick issued the permanent injunction at the request of the National Abortion Federation (NAF) and demanded that Daleiden turn over the video footage, according to lawyers representing NAF. The […]
  • OBGYN Confirms: Abortion Kills Babies and “Abortion Isn’t Good for Women, It Harms Them”
    Dr. Christina Francis (pictured) loves that the phrase “follow the science” has become popularized lately. “I always tell people, yes, please follow the science,” she said, “because I know exactly where it’s going to lead you. It’s going to lead you to the side of life, and it’s going to lead you to the fact […]