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  • WaPo: Biden's Team Blocked From Meeting With US Intelligence Agencies
    Joe Biden's transition team has been blocked from meeting with U.S. intelligence agencies by President Donald Trump's administration, reports The Washington Post. Trump has for weeks delayed approving the start of a formal transition as he contests the results of the 2020...
  • Campaign Member of Ga. Sen. Loeffler Dies in Car Crash
    A staff member of Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler was killed in an automobile accident on Friday, forcing her and Gov. Brian Kemp to cancel their participation in a rally with Vice President Mike Pence in Savannah.Harrison Deal, 20, died in a three-vehicle crash on Interstate...
  • Bay Area to Implement California's Stay-at-Home Orders Early
    San Francisco's Bay Area on Friday implemented California's new stay-at-home orders ahead of schedule, reports Axios. The directive says playgrounds, indoor recreational facilities, family entertainment centers, hair salons, bars, brewers and distilleries, among others, must...
  • Hartford Courant to Close Newsroom Dec. 27, Continue Virtually
    The Hartford Courant, the United States' longest continually published newspaper, will close its newsroom in the Connecticut capital by the end of the year. The newspaper, whose offices have been...
  • Biden Won't Seek Mandatory COVID Vaccine
    Joe Biden said Friday he would not seek to require inoculations for the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19. ''No, I don't think it should be mandatory,'' Biden said during a briefing with reporters in Wilmington, Delaware. ''I wouldn't demand it be mandatory.''''But I...

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  • Democrat Lockdowns Block the First Amendment’s Guarantee of Religious Freedom
    Exactly how have COVID-19 restrictions on churches and other places of worship affected First Amendment freedoms? What happened when the Supreme Court last week blocked New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s limits on religious gatherings? What about the situation in California, where Godspeak Calvary Chapel’s pastor, Rob McCoy, reportedly turned his church into a “strip club” […]
  • Planned Parenthood Demands Joe Biden Force Americans to Fund Abortions if He’s President
    (CFAM) — Pro-abortion organizations that strongly supported Joe Biden in the recent U.S. presidential election are hoping that after being inaugurated in January, he will immediately move to dismantle the pro-life policies enacted by President Donald Trump.  Even before Biden became his party’s nominee, they had assembled their wish list. Last year as a Democratic […]
  • Pfizer Warns Pregnant Women Not to Use Vaccine Because of Fertility Risks, Says Breastfeeding Problematic
    A new document published on a British government website warns against giving the new Pfizer coronavirus vaccine to pregnant and breastfeeding women because of potential risks. The document, “Reg 174 Information for UK Healthcare Professionals,” provides details about the new two-dose vaccine, which could soon be available in the United States and United Kingdom. The company said […]
  • President Trump Files Suit Contesting Georgia Presidential Election Results Based on Illegal Votes
    President Donald Trump is officially contesting the results of the presidential election in the state of Georgia based on evidence that tens of thousands of votes were potentially fraudulent. The Trump Campaign filed an election contest today in Georgia state court seeking to invalidate the state’s November 3, 2020 presidential election results. Joining President Trump […]
  • Four Pro-Life Medical Groups Say Pfizer, Moderna COVID Vaccines Not Made With Aborted Baby Cells
    Four pro-life medical groups provided clarifying details Wednesday about whether the development of two new coronavirus vaccines involved cells from aborted babies. In a statement, the Catholic Medical Association, the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the American College of Pediatricians and the Christian Medical and Dental Associations said the vaccines from Pfizer and […]