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  • University: We didn't mean to discriminate by segregating races
    A public university is backtracking over plans to segregate an upcoming conference by splitting up what it calls “white folx” from “people of color” thanks to a conservative news service that questioned the school’s non-discrimination policy.
  • Space Force officer pays high price for ripping CRT
    A former Air Force chaplain says an American military patriot discovered last week that "resisting the party line" and criticizing critical race theory can get you fired from a command post.
  • Alliance aims to block feds' financial favor to 'Big Abortion'
    A coalition of more than 20 organizations is objecting to a proposed rule at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) that would funnel millions of taxpayer dollars to abortion providers by undoing a Trump-era regulation that ensured separation between Title X-funded programs and abortion activities.
  • Boykin: The 'purge' is on but who is left to fight?
    Allegations the Biden administration is “purging” the U.S. armed forces of patriotic officers are true and troubling, says a retired U.S. Army general whose name was included in a letter warning the United States is in “deep peril” because of Joe Biden’s mental decline and because the nation is drifting toward Communism and lawlessness.   
  • NJ school nurse punished for no-mask stance
    A public school nurse in New Jersey has been suspended by the school district after publicly protesting mask wearing by students and herself.

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